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Monday, March 07, 2005

on civilization

was never really the issue....
where do you find death
in the midst of so much motion?
slowing down to look and see
would be a death all it's own,
for if the motion stops
i'm not really certain of what
will be left-
are you?
it seems i have left
small pieces of me
along the way-
erosion was inevitable,
almost desirable,
like dropping ballast
to rise above the storm....
never really certain of
coming down again
after the thunder stilled.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

well, here i am....where am i?

hey! this is my first visit to a blog. i came to check out tonyz's blog, and found i had to register to read it, so i ended up with a blog of my own.....unnerving, a bit. now that i have it, i feel like i should master it, so to speak....what happens if you leave an unattended blog on the net? could it grow and grow on it's own, into something awful?

it could well do that under my supervision, also........

!a perk.....another friend has a blog here, so i can keep up with her and her daughter.

the internet freaks me out....i don't know if i'll ever adjust. i gotta know something.....where IS the internet? like, where does it exist? in my computer, or your the wires? really, where? its mind boggling that all that information is floating around out there....

i asked my son richard this question......his answer:
"it's everywhere. it's an entire network of systems. it's just data going from one place to another. thats the web."

so, i couldn't get my mind around that. i tried again, and his response:
"it lives in small tiny seashells covered by a jedi forcefield, and guarded by fearsome seahorses with lasers attached to their forehead. because of high rent, the web will soon be moving into a small shoe instead."


i don't believe him.

so, where am i?