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Sunday, March 06, 2005

well, here i am....where am i?

hey! this is my first visit to a blog. i came to check out tonyz's blog, and found i had to register to read it, so i ended up with a blog of my own.....unnerving, a bit. now that i have it, i feel like i should master it, so to speak....what happens if you leave an unattended blog on the net? could it grow and grow on it's own, into something awful?

it could well do that under my supervision, also........

!a perk.....another friend has a blog here, so i can keep up with her and her daughter.

the internet freaks me out....i don't know if i'll ever adjust. i gotta know something.....where IS the internet? like, where does it exist? in my computer, or your the wires? really, where? its mind boggling that all that information is floating around out there....

i asked my son richard this question......his answer:
"it's everywhere. it's an entire network of systems. it's just data going from one place to another. thats the web."

so, i couldn't get my mind around that. i tried again, and his response:
"it lives in small tiny seashells covered by a jedi forcefield, and guarded by fearsome seahorses with lasers attached to their forehead. because of high rent, the web will soon be moving into a small shoe instead."


i don't believe him.

so, where am i?


Rosie N Kat said...

hmm. i'd say it's rather like many brains becoming one digital brain.
sort of like each person is neuron firing linking one to another.

the ganglia and gray matter is computers, servers, and wires.

one thing i know, though, is the digital brain likes porn. like, a lot.

and beer. ;)

<3 kat

Carrot said...

OMG there's a Kate blog! I'm already your biggest fan.

I'm kind of a dork, so I can tell you that everything on the internet is stored on computers. Like, when you access blogspot, you are actually contacting the blogspot computer (well, probalby a gazillion hard drives in one computer) and downloading the data to your web browser. Sorry for the dorkiness.

judilyn said...

Kate - If there is a time limit on one's blog, I haven't hit up against it yet, and my ONE entry has been there for two years! I did the same as you - needed to register, so put up one post.

Assume that is mutt in the picture??? He's got it made. ;->

Virtual hugs,


kate said...

hey, you guys, thanks for stopping by.

not dorky at all. i can actually understand the description! we are each others biggest fans, honey. after all we're, like, twins!

judie, today's blog addresses how severely dysfunctional i am when it comes to my dog :-)

Don said...

That's how I started blogging too. Of course, I'm not really dedicated to it like some people.

The internet is pretty cool. I started working with computers back when you had this big stack of cards with holes punched in them and that was your program. Another stack would be the data going into the program. Sometimes the result would be yet more cards! I think things have changed! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think your son's second explanation is about right.