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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Last night I made a note to myself,before falling asleep, to buy a small dry erase board with magnetic backing to use in the van. This morning Bob asked me if I had a use for this dry erase board with magnets that he had no more use for. I have magnets to glue to the back, and it is perfect for what I need. And Mutt too, apparently.

I love this economy that we have going as a group, this sharing and repurposing and making do, together. Its not so much of a barter thing, nor reciprocal gifting, as it is just letting things go out to where they are best used, knowing an item will end up where it's supposed to be. At the RTR, there was a "free blanket" near the central fire, where a great deal of things found new homes within the tribe. Since the RTR, I have seen it take place countless times, with clothing and gear and food, in little transactions around camp.

I'm in Yuma today, gotta buy the biskies. We may get high winds tonight, so I am doing my internet stuff, picking up a few provisions, and making some phone calls before returning to camp and hunkering down for awhile.....

Monday, February 18, 2013

We're back

We have been on the road awhile, and things have settled down into a gentle flow. Lots happening and lots of how-to pics to share with you. I have a new tablet, which will make working on the 'net incredibly easier. No more working on an itty bitty iPhone screen! This pic is Mutt's version of stealth camping!

Monday, February 04, 2013

The joy in little things

Hanging out in Parker with my friend at the La Paz Regional Hospital. The sinks in the waiting room restrooms have a high arched faucet and hot running water. Happy happy clean hair!