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Monday, March 24, 2008

seven things

okay, so tara has tagged me to blog about seven things you don't want (or need) to know about me. check it out

there are a million things you don't want to know about me, but here are a sampling....

1) i hate roadkill. i have such a revulsion for it that i will go to great lengths to avoid it. and, staying true to form, i have been known to scrape it off the highway in order to conquer my fear.

(are ya still with me???)

2) i had to give up doing indian quillwork after finding out that many of the quills i used were harvested from roadkill porkies. i used my teeth to flatten the quills :-(

3) i believe the railroad bridge over lake ponchartrain is an act of evil. don't go there.

4) i don't like holidays, particularly Hallmark holidays. my kids were raised to believe they would be disinherited if they ever sent me a mothers day card. the handmade ones when they were babies were okay :-)

5) my kids honor me randomly and love me fiercely all through the year. they are wonderful people, and i was smart to have them. even better, Hallmark CEO's around the globe struggle to make their mortgage payments every mothers day. HA!

6) i practice a sport i call "tagging" (not to be confused with blog tagging as noted above). when an employee of a business is helpful or particularly kind, i like to tell the manager of the business, followed up by a letter to the corporate office. i tagged a young girl in kmart once, who was extremely patient with me in the camera department. her name was rachel, and she was sweet and soft-spoken and infinitely patient. i talked to her manager before i left, and told him his corporate office would be hearing from me about what great customer service they had. when i returned a few days later to purchase the camera, rachel was working behind the customer service desk.....a position she had applied for, but was told she was too "shy" for. she thanked me profusely, but mostly because her parents were so proud of her that they extended her curfew an hour :-) another benefit to tagging, is that managers tend to remember you, and are extremely grateful for any feathers in their cap at the corporate level.....the good karma tends to come around full circle. try tagging someone you run's really cool.

7) i am against dog tethering. i support a group called "Dog's Deserve Better" who works to pass legislation against round-the-clock outdoor tethering of dogs. "if you don't want them in your house, then you don't really want them". dogs are pack animals....make them part of your pack.

so, now for the first of my seven tags.....

1) johnny, whose blog is

2)this one is an exercise in futility, but i will include it with a grain of optimism....
.....michael, you need a blog!

3) okay, phoenix, it's your turn....


Johnny said...

Hey Kate,
Even if we dont want or(need) to know 7 things about you we still needed to know you were still kickin. So its nice to see you postin.

Seeing as it's not an official holiday today, happy smelly egg day. (All those eggs that were not found on the easter egg hunts yesterday) Ditto for Tara as well.

Take care sweets and you be well.

kate said...

hey, johnny! were you lurking? that was a quick response! i've missed ya, and i am doing really well! will be catching everybody up here soon.

meanwhile, tag, you're it! give us seven things about you......i've got a feeling you are full of un-mined treasures :-)

Anonymous said...
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llala412 said...

I've started filling out the "extra mile" cards for my co-workers at my current assignment. I'm only going to be there 11 more days, and the management is horrible, but I really like a lot of the people there, and they get NO respect. I never thought about doing it at other places, though. I tip well and leave nice messages at restaurants, but I'm going to start telling managers about nice employees like that, too!