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Thursday, April 23, 2009


i had to repost my sprout blog, cause i am still essentially computer illiterate, and deleted the last one. i mean deleted, as in had to reshoot the photos and all. these are sent from my phone, and i have no control over the order in which they publish, so if this post seems all mixed up, consider the source!

above is the finished product after 2 days of sprouting.

these are the items i carry in the van that i used:

a hemp sprout bag, a collapsible tupperware bowl, my copper cook pot, an old mini strainer, water, and seeds.

the hemp sprout bag is 10" x 7" of a heavy hemp fabric that absorbs lots of water to prevent drying out to fast, yet still allows good air circulation necessary for sprouting. the cd is for size reference. cd compliments of my musical mastermind, micheal... he provided me with 3,000 miles of great music :-)

the seeds are an organic stir-fry mix that i picked up in port angeles last summer at sweet mike's. they are crunchy and just a bit spicy! i ate them right out of the hemp bag....after sprouting, of course.

the tupperware collapsible bowls are perfect for me in the van. they pack flat and can be opened just to the size you need. multipurpose at it's finest....mixing bowls, soup bowls, storage, wash basins.....

and seed soaking bowls! these seeds were soaked overnight, then placed into the hemp bag, which was thoroughly soaked with water.

at home i would have hung the bag over the sink. in the van, i used a mini strainer i found in my mom's stuff, which just happened to fit perfectly into my copper pot, as a place to allow the initial drainage of water from the bag.

see how perfect it fit?

here it sits on my dashboard, the bag hung from the rearview mirror. after all the dripping is done, i can hang it from a cuphook on my cupboard where it will get good air circulation. when the bag begins to dry out, rinse and repeat. your climate (humidity, temps, breezes, etc. will affect how often you need to rinse the bag. just make sure the seeds stay moist. click here for basic sprouting info click here for travel sprouting info

"my barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon" masahide



NomadRip said...

hehe, my feed reader still has the pictures from yesterday, if you really want them. :-)

Grandma in the yellow house said...

I really have to try this. I like crunchy and spicy both.

michael... said...

Drivin' Music - obviously refined taste in audio!


(who sez i never read your blog!)