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Thursday, July 16, 2009

i'm back!

actually, i never left. so much has been going on, and i'm anxious to catch you all up on stuff.

first of all, i put a counter on my blog this month, and am astounded at how many hits i'm getting. i really thought few people read it, so i am humbled and honored by each and every one of you who stops by to see what mutt and i are up to. thank-you. there is alot more to come. soon.

i had a recent doctor visit, and all my follow-up labs and ultrasounds are good.....cancer free, if not "cured", and determined to stay that way.....i am being compliant with my med dosage, and will continue to do so. i don't have a follow up visit for one whole year :-) so that is good! i will deal with the discomforts of the meds....that ends up being alot less drama in the long run.

so, now, a story. in january, right before i left for texas, i had an appointment with my opthamologist, who was concerned with a little glitch in my exam. he scheduled me for an appointment with a specialist, and said he wanted some baseline testing done. my vision had been a little wonky, but i thought i needed new glasses. i don't. he felt that this "wonky" was a side effect of the meds, and was dose related. so he made me an appointment with this doctor for the following month, and sent me on my way. that left me with a big decision....san antonio? or doctor appointment? the slabs? or.....

so of course, i hit the road the next day. called the specialist from the slabs and said i'd have to reschedule. are you suprised?

so my vision is rough right now ......i can't do more than a few minutes on the computer or a few pages in a book before i can't read anything. this is apparently something this new doc can fix, so i gotta be patient.

so please be patient with me! i have lots to yak about. my internet presence has been real minimal everywhere, and do virtually nothing by email or text message anymore. anything i do will be here, at night when i can "sleep it off" afterwards.

just as a little teaser, though, the title of my next blog is gonna be "to poo, or not to poo?" you'll love it!


bk2valve said...

Hi Katie...good to see you back again. Good you are resolving all the issues..Hang in there and be well.
NM Brian

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you "Keeper of Sharp and Pointy Things" You take care and watch out for the "Poo"

Taylor said...

You think an HTML counter is cool?
Check out - I use it for my blog and it tells you how many people view the site every day, where in the world they're from, how many times they come, how long they stay and what link referred them to your site. Its pretty rad. And its free!

Anonymous said...

To poo-kie or not to poo-kie, *that* is the question! I think I best not sign this!

Anonymous said...

That there last commenter's initials are "HEIDI".... Just wanting to be a good citizen!!!


Vickie said...

Big wave from Texas!

Anonymous said...

Bad monkey! Mike is already teaching him to be pesky!

-Your Numees

Gypsy Trails said...

Glad to see you back on your blog :) Was wondering how you were doing.

So am now officially on the road as of today, so will be trying to update my blog along the way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Twokniveskatie,
I haven't been a member of vandwellers very long.I would love to travel in a van.I'm pretty much just learning how to navigate my way around on a computer.I have been looking for your web site and just found it again so hopefully I can save it this time so I can find it again to read. I hope you get your medical situation taken care of quickly for your health's sake first and second so you can continue to write.Maybe show pictures of any modifications you do to your van inside? Stay healthy and good fortune to you.Looking forward to you feeling like writing to entertain and inform. mysturman

kate said...

sweet mike! i know that is you, trying to blame heidi through a sock monkey. i know your M.O. and you are so busted!

taylor, thanks for the heads up....turns out that is who my counter is from, but didn't know about the tracking abilities. very cool :-)

mysturman- thanks for the kind words. more pics to come.....

hiya to brian and david and vickie and kylie. i am so grateful you all come by!