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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ahoy maties!

We are on the PA/Ohio border....almost at the farm, where we will stay a couple months, then out to the sierras for a bit, then down to taos. Am not going to turn on the phone or 'net at the farmhouse, so will have to see how my connection through my cellphone will work.

It has been quite the trip, and the desert is firmly entrenched in my remains to be seen if I can pass muster as a true desert rat. We'll see!


Brian Many Wheels said...

Mutt, you are a trooper! And you look very scary in your pirate regalia. I hate to think of the sword Katie has given you....anyway ol' bones, take care of your Katie and bring her back out west and I will be ready to chase you around again...yeah, well, bark at you too, I suppose....

Grandma in the yellow house said...

All I can say is Mutt is by far the handsomest pirate I have seen. Well maybe except for Johnny Depp who will run a close second. Happy spring/summer to you both Katie.