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Friday, November 19, 2010

i've been busy

i have been in a sort of fiber seclusion. Turkey Day market is tuesday, and i have a few ufo's (unfinished objects) i need to..... finish.....and a dozen i want to start! two more events in december, but things will relax after tuesday. you'll hear from me then! promise!


Paladin said...

Never enough hours in the day, are there? Last week was a bear for me, and next week's even worse.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Katie!

Vicky said...

Love those hats! Especially the white one. I like projects that have a solid color yarn and a self-striping one.

Dewey Brown said...

I'm LOL'ing @ "ufo's"!!!

Anonymous said...

I just started reading and love the site. Keep up the adventures. I can't believe I haven't found this blog before now.