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Thursday, December 02, 2010

paleotools blog

i am still incredibly busy, 36 hours til my next venue to sell hats and add a little money to the coffers, but i had a comment from a new reader who goes by paleotool. if you know me, then you know how i get a little excited about the word "paleo".  i clicked over to his blog,  and it's a VARDO!

those who know me also know that i have been carrying around old building plans i found on ebay, with the dream of building a sheepwagon to live in. then recently a friend started building a vardo and i was hooked! so i am thrilled to pieces to see this new-to-me blog. i can't imagine i hadn't seen it before, and can't wait to read it all. pop over there to check it out............

i am going to knit on something i don't need my eyes for, so i can read and look at photos!

welcome, paleotool! so glad you dropped by!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. I found your site doing a google image search for "vardo" and coming up with the vansteader studio wagon. I am always looking at other people's solutions to help with my build. Thanks for the interesting site and the great links to living on the road.

Paladin said...

Holy Cow! What a cool link!! That's exactly what I was tinkering with the idea of building as a project camper for my Wife and I.