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Monday, October 01, 2012


Mutt and I did some camping in extremes this year. January in northern Michigan brought the -6, and for the record, the photo shows -6 because it was too cold to get out of the sleeping bag till long after daylight. The temp recorded on Laren's cabin that night was -12. The 102 was in San Antonio last month. I would definitely prefer. -6 to 102, any day.


Linda said...

Yikes! Ehhhh, yeah....colder is better. But I'm not that brave! It's bad enough in the middle of winter, waking up in the morning and the house is 40 degrees. But we know it's gotta be lower than that, the thermometer doesn't go any lower, and you can just about see your breath! Lol. We heat with wood only - no backup. Hope your extremes are a little less extreme this year!

Nemo said...

I'm curious how Mutt handled the cold? the 15 below night that Tori and I had, left her dish frozen solid, and I was convinced that her feet hurt simply by touching the floor of the vehicle.. taking her for a walk so she could empty her bladder looked like it was very unhappy for her.. luckily we didnt have more than a week of the below zero thing.

hoboknitter said...

Linda- I am going to be very proactive about the extremes from here on out :-)

Nemo- poor Tori! Mutt did okay, but hates to be covered, and I would wake up to his shivering. He'd get up and circle again if I tried to cover him. I did find that putting 2L soda bottles full of heated water under his blankets and pushing one up against his belly seemed to help.

It took a long time to defrost water and breakfast in the morning. I'm okay with a night or two of that, but would hate it long term.