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Thursday, July 17, 2008


******this is a copy of a post i made at vandwellers******

okay, so I live on magical bluffs overlooking the ocean, and a beach where the
rainbow family has an encampment. I love it here :-)

i'm eating a can of carrots for supper. Straight out of the can. I adore canned
carrots, and i'm too lazy to cook, so this works for me. I had a huge lunch of
ramen noodles and clams and red and green bell peppers and garlic, so there is
nothing pathetic about eating a can of carrots for supper.

I look up from my carrots to see a $20 bill being held out by some guy.

now, my first inclination is to stab him with something, because I think he
wants a sexual favor, and by god a sexual favor from me is gonna cost you a lot
more than $ maybe your life, or at least a private part. Then I see
that this is a really old guy with a nice smile on his face saying "i want you
to have this".

he's looking compassionately at my can of carrots.

So I try to explain that I love carrots and i'm very happy with carrots because
I had a feast for lunch, and thank-you very much but I don't need your money but
he stops me and says "i've never seen anyone so contented eating carrots
before". I laugh out loud because he's so sincere and because he's right.

He hands me the money and says "you can share it with your friends" and waves an
arm out over the harbor to the beach where the rainbow family is camped around
their smokey driftwood fires, and I suddenly get it......he thinks I am one of
the rainbow kids, on a break from panhandling at the mcdonalds on ocean drive.

So I am gonna check the rearview I look that funky?.....and then
drive over to the mcd's and surprise some of the kids with a little windfall $20

Life gets better and better every day :-)


Tara said...

> So I am gonna check the rearview
> I look that
> funky?.....

Maybe you look that alive. :)

siouxlin said...

Katie-- hope alls well in Oregon? or Lake? so curious about the group and what it was like...folks you met.

If you are still up north, I just heard from my friend in Grants Pass...she is in touch with mtgs, folks, a meditation group tonite...

will try to send you the words for our Bill W meets broadway...wishing you wellness...callyann

Cholla Queen said...

What marvelous pictures!

I stumbled onto your blog while noodling around this morning.

Congrats on hitting the west coast.