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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

san francisco part 1

here ya go, heidi! ya wanted a got two!!!! i tried for an hour to put a pic on myspace< but it wouldn't go. so i put them here. happy now :-) ?


Anonymous said...

Wow you are really there! Or are you I can see your dog and your shoes but how about you? We need more proof


Tara said...

Miss you... said...

I have loved having you as an outside guest and even occasionally when you came inside and visited, especially the night we sang old songs and you played your guitar! Love the boots pic; and hope you don't spend too much time til your return trip to Fort Bragg...our fellowship can use your input! See you soon...remember Winter here is so much easier than the East... Love & hugs,

siouxlin said...

Hi Katy...just missing you and Mutt...hope you are traveling safely.

annnnnnnnd I wondered if I could put an "all points bulletin(sp)
out for help with this AA "change the words"?

" My JOB TONIGHT is to re write the words to "I'm Just a Girl Who Can't
say No" from Oklahoma;ala AA..i.e sayings, slogans etc (our writer backed out...)

We're supposed to sing it in a chorus line for our upcoming
"Bill W Meets Broadway...." I'm looking for a rescue....any ideas? said...

I love Mendocino. Beautiful area.

unabgi said...

Didn't know you were coming.

It would have been nice to have met the famous Two Knives Katie (and Mutt) in person.

siouxlin said...

Hi Katy! Home under the and WHERE are you? Sue