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Friday, August 22, 2008

meet deanna

i am so psyched to be going to this next weekend. this is one of those very cool things that keep serendipitously popping up on this trip. (yesterday, mike's granny asked me "what is your itinerary?" and i answered honestly " i haven't got a clue" !)

anyhow, mike found this on tara's blog, and asked if i wanted to go to it. i think i was in oregon at the time, headed for 10k ways. i had had vague thoughts of going to eugene and portland after the campout, but hadn't planned on going to washington. but this "knitting thingy" , as mike calls it, was too interesting to pass up. mike then offered his driveway as a layover until the 30th, and that sealed the deal. i was on my way north.

and i am so glad i did. original plans had mike and i meeting "face to face" for the first time at the 10k ways gathering in southern oregon (although we knew each other already from the yahoo group "vandwellers"). heavy smoke from the california fires that were concentrated over jacksonville, oregon put an end to that.

heidi from vandwellers had been teasing mike about learning to knit. now, real men are up to any challenge, and since the only thing mike doesn't know how to do, apparently, is knit....well, there you have a recipe for a new direction for my roadtrip. i am blessed to by here at mike's surrounded by his warm and wonderful family, and getting to know him so much better.

so back to deanna, and her "knitting thingy". turns out deanna knew me through my blog, and was excited to have mike and mutt and i there. i am so excited and honored! she gets it that knitting needles are just one more sharp thing in my arsenal, and i wanna learn how to fight off cougars! i have been wondering, though, if i should switch some of my bamboo circulars in for some sturdier heavy metal ones :-) i will let you know what she says after next weekend.....

here is the link to her very cool blog:

or click on the blog title "meet deanna" above....


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!

Love your writing style (skills), the awesome pics & dwelling tips! I wish I wuz there under those beautious redwoods with "Freeda," as well, my guitar in hand. But I'm on the East Coast, "light years" away..but one can dream. I'm not fulltime yet. My sitch won't allow it....yet!

BTW, I'm a VanDweller lurker, I used to post, but not for some time now. I just read that your headed my way soon. Will you be passing thru NYC &/or Long Island? If so, let's meet for tea & I can show you some "hotspots." I just posted some pics of my "Freeda" on MobileLiving group.

Thanks for entertaining me here. Carry On...

FreedaPeeple (aka BillySeagull ;)

PS- Mutt's a real cutie!

DeAnna said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks for the mention in your blog. I'm stoked to meet you soon! I didn't realize that Mike didn't already cool! We will definitely discuss wooden vs metal needles as it applies to cougar defense ;)

And for anyone reading, there's a couple spots left open. Get in touch if you're interested. I'm doing the food planning now, so get your name on the list in order to make sure I buy food for you! Contact info is on the full flyer, which you can see on my blog.

Pookie said...

I like knitting! It's fun!

::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

Wow, that sounds really cool!

The Traveler said...

i love your blog & have added u to my list of favorites. I live in my van and can be found at
I look forward to reading more of ur posts...Sonja

jmvan said...

Hi Kate!

Thanks for the positive feedback on my site. I will be posting road trip pics. Maybe I'll run into you out there someday.

Take care!