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Thursday, August 07, 2008

mendocino and points north

mutt at camp outside crescent city ca.
the rondyvan in the redwoods
camp in the mountains of southern oregon. what a treat to spread out and have running water and a hot meal. i am going to try to do this more often.
i emptied out the van and gave it a good scrubbing. note the lazy dog napping on the furthest right side of the photo. he was off-leash for two days and never left camp.
camped in the redwood forest for 2 nights. this was my view out the van window from the cot when i woke up one morning.......first thing you see.......
mutt's new friend at the fort bragg dog park.the funny part of the shot i missed was when mutt looked upwards to try to make eye contact. then he just did the sniffing thing.
mutt on the pomo bluffs. i love it there, and do alot of knitting there.
mutt running from a wave at noyo beach in fort bragg.
mutt hiding from the waves at pt. reyes national seashore. he has since actually let a wave touch him.
sunset on the trinidad bay.
couldn't decide which i liked best, so you got both. i tend to travel rather impulsively. trinidad is where i landed one evening after pushing up the coast til it "felt right". ended up sleeping at a casino parking lot. i miss the more vandweller friendly mendocino coast.
elk....... bruce and keith and mike your hearts out!
this past week we have been moving north up the california coast headed towards the 10kways gathering in southern oregon. the redwood forests are just amazing. here is mutt inside a tree.
my dear sweet jonna wanted to see redwoods. well, here ya go sweety!
a path through the forest. it is so silent and peaceful here. didn't hike far because dogs aren't allowed on the trail.
this is mutt with his new hairdo on the humbolt co. coast. his whole life is about sniffing.
i love this sign. haven't seen any horses anywhere in the city limits. but on my next trip out here i am doing the horseback thing on the beach north of fort bragg. way up on the list!


Jonna (aka mom) said...

The forest looks just beautiful. I actually had a 'sense' of what it might feel like to be there.

Did you find the giant tree that you can drive through? I wonder if it is still out there somewhere. It was huge, there was a tunnel in the bottom of it and Mom drove through the tree on the paved road. Those were the Giant Redwood trees.

And I didn't know the ocean could look blue. I always thought of it as looking grayish or greenish. It's pretty in that one picture.

Thank you. I love pictures of travel. And have lots of fun in your travels! Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Katie -
Love the pictures, thanks so much for sharing. I could imagine the peaceful times you must be enjoying. Mutt seems to be having a great time also.

How about the Elk - the guys are probably eating their hearts out. You are certainly having a great trip.

The ocean looks beautiful and the forest just breathtaking. I too heard about the tree that you can drive your vehicle thru. That would be awesome !

Katie - keep watching the skies - I just may fly out and join you along your travels !!! Wouldn't you be surprised ~~~

Enjoy your trip to the fullest and keep in touch. Can't wait for you to be home to share all this with us.


faerwear said...


i know these places so well. i didn't own a car for over 15 years until last year, bought a truck and lived "out of it" for about six months - spent SO MUCH TIME in sonoma, mendo, humboldt and oregon. i settled for 9 months here in portland but i'm about to hit the road again. once a gypsy, always...

kate said...

hey! welcome, and thanks for the comment! i am heading for portland next any suggestions on where to park?

how'd you find my blog?