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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

american nomads

photo taken labor day 2009 at the blue ridge rifles rendezvous
wayne and john discuss the future of the colonies

i've been thinking alot about the 'voo this week. hunkered down in this cold weather, i just finished "Centennial" by james michner, and am halfway through "american nomads" by richard grant.

my buddy brian recently recommended "american nomads", (click title above for amazon link) and i got it with the intention of reading it on my way west. since the trip was postponed, it didn't take long for me to cave in and read it to stave off my longing for the road. it did the complete opposite.


from the preface of the book:

"A Tibetan dignitary, visiting America for the first time, sits by the Green River in Utah, looking over the mountains and the high windcarved plateaus. His name is T.T. Karma Chopel. He has come to America to study the workings of its democracy, but that is not in his thoughts now.

Something about the landscape and the great sweep of sky reminds him of his homeland. He thinks of yaks and yak herders, making their endless migrations across the Tibetan plateaus.

He knows there are no yak herders in america but he assumes there must be some equivalent. "who are your nomads?" he asks.........."


this is a book to be savored. i read a little bit at a time, trying to make it last. the comforting thing while reading these stories is knowing that in a few weeks, i will be on the road again, making my own stories, and hearing yours.....


Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Welcome back to blogging! (hopefully! :)


Brian Many Wheels said...

Hi Kate...good blog entry....Be careful, you will get lured out on the road before you are ready...

Anonymous said...


Good to "hear your voice" again, sweetie...

Westward bound soon? Anywhere near me???


Mimi said...

Great to see a new post!

Jason said...

Sorry to post this here but I could not find an email address for you. Thanks for all your help. It is nice to work with a professional LADY. If you want, I can add a link to your blog on my website on in exchange for the same from you on your blog in your COOL PLACES TO VISIT section? If you don't want to, no hard feelings. If you are ever in Vegas contact me and I will treat you to dinner. I know a lot of great places.