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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no 'poo four....update!!

i learned how to cut and paste links in my blog posts, so i can harvest comments from various places and put them here.

this from lindy, the bus dweller, from over on facebook....
"hey, katie, i've been is my "feedback" i've been mixing in one of those bottles that hair salons use for coloring (mine was new) and i use six ounces of water to wet my hair with the bs in the bottle, then about that much water to rinse it out...then another 6 oz. for acv...then another 6 oz. to rinse. i am using conditioner on my ends and leaving it in. my hair is past my shoulder blades and is medium in thickness :-) so far i love "no poo". "

and for the record, blogger would not let me cut and paste after all. argh. had to hand-peck it :-(

from janene:
"so i did the soda thing for the first time today. it is a touch less clean than i am used to on wash day...but usually if i go without conditioner, my head goes all kinds of frizzy--and it did not do that today. so i am expecting good things. also...i'm going to experiment with frequency, this may mean i need to wash more often, or i may be able to stay on my five day schedule...we'll see.

on this skin thing...i recalled this recently--i used to brew basil tea as an astringent, and i think i am going to do so again. it can be harsh, but for my semi-oily skin, it's really pretty mild. also plan to experiment with raw aloe as a moisturizer....."

a further update from janene here:

DeAnna of knit-n-nature had this to share:
"i've been experimenting with just cutting out a lot of the products that we've been trained to buy. i haven't used shampoo or conditioner for 8 months or so. i don't use anything else either. the first couple of months was pretty rough as my scalp re-acclimated and learned that it didn't need to over-produce natural oils. but these days a quick rinse in plain warm water every couple days works just great. really. my hair doesn't look greasy or dirty. i work a job with the mainstream public, and i still "pass" just fine.

i'm off soap and deodorant for about 2 months now. again, just a good water rinse seems to work just fine. i do sometimes notice that i do smell a little strong for "mainstream" (never bad, just strong), but i figure my body hasn't had a chance to acclimate yet.

i'm pondering my relationship with toothpaste. i'm not ready to try it yet, but i'm wondering if brushing with water would work just as well, once your body adjusted to it.

laundry detergent only comes out if there is something really dirty, otherwise, just plain warm water again.

water...turns out it is pretty amazing stuff."

i had some good comments from vickie, but can't find them? i'll add them later...i know they are out there....

just wanted to mention that i used shampoo/conditioner last week just to see what would happen, and how long it would take to get back to "normal" after using it. my hair was silky soft but absolutely flat and limp. went immediately back to my baking soda routine, and my hair was it's bouncy lovely self right away. i guess my oil glands didn't have time to get befuddled :-)

hope to hear more updates. i have experimented with no deodorant, "natural" deodorants from the health food store, and just using alcohol or baking soda on my pits, and the results were grim. mutt didn't mind, but i didn't go out in public and raise my hands, let me tell ya. i think kylie reported good results with baking soda? kylie?

keep those comments coming!

oh, i almost forgot. Numees had a good link for us:

thamks, numees! i love you!


Tara said...

Oh, I forgot to check your blog for so long and now you are no pooing! Hehe, remember when I had little bottles of baking soda and vinegar in your bathroom? That's why! :)

kate said...

sweety! how good to hear from you! i miss you!

i knew you did something "alternative" with your hair, but thought it was one of your potions! how cool is that?

i love you :-)

Anonymous said...

I too have been researching deodorant alternatives. I just had a crazy idea while eating some
Well the smell of your armpit is caused from the bacteria and yogurt contains good bacteria that fights the bad bacteria. Sooo how about slathering some yogurt under your arms? I guess getting past the gooey feeling would be the hardest part. But I wonder if it would really work. Just imagine with all the different flavors you could have all kinds of scents to choose from!

kate said...

hmmm, i wonder if it would attract flies?

seriously, that is why i tried the alcohol....supposed to kill the bacteria. i must have killer bacteria :-(

jane, i think you should be the yogurt ambassador....try it and let us know if it works :-)

Vickie said...

Just before coming here, I posted the dismal results of my trial return to shampoo on Vandwellers. I guess neither of us could resist checking it out, huh? Your description matches my experience to a t.

I think what prompted me to try the shampoo again is that on two occasions since I began the baking soda routine I've had a waxy build-up develop.

The first time was during the "adjustment" period, and I figured it was various shampoo/conditioner ingredients breaking down or my scalp over-producing oil.

The second time, I haven't a clue. However, I was in a very humid environment, so maybe the rougher shaft and moisture combined to attract and hold more gunk?

Have you experienced that at all?

On the deodorant front, one of the main things I dislike about commercial products is that they stain clothing. I have read that Milk of Magnesia applied with a cotton ball and allowed to dry is a very effective antiperspirant and does not stain clothing. Haven't tried it, though.


Anonymous said...

My solution is 1/8 inch long? hair-cut. Works for me.

Tom Ridley

Anonymous said...

I didn't consider the possibility of attracting flies lol. Ok, I will give it a go this weekend (while off work) and let you know how it turns out :)

Tara said...

Oh, I forgot to say.. your teeth. Yes! Use water! Rinse after every meal or snack. If you have special rotten teeth concerns, you can brush with a mix of baking soda, myrrh and frankincense powders.

For deoderant... I don't use it and I smell great. My sweat doesn't smell bad unless I eat a lot of sugar or yeast. Or the day after I take a shower (luckily I don't take many lol). But for stinky days try rosemary essential oil or witch hazel.

LindaSue said...

Thank you for sharing the story of Princess. The tears came, tears for your loss, tears for the joy and love you shared with her. I lost my son when he was only 11. That has been almost 30 years ago and it still hurts. They create a special place in our hearts that nothing else can ever fill. The hole is always there, but with out ever having them that place would not be there. Sometimes I welcome the hole and the ache that goes with it because I know then that I am thinking of him. I know my heart will never heal and I will take it with me till the day I die.

You did such a wonderful thing. I was a nurse until I hurt my back. Continued to work till they made me go disabled. I wish I could do what you have done. I love children and don't care what burden they carry. They all need love and warmth for their lives to grow.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and especially your comments on VanDwellers. I have a blog Go take a look and leave a comment.

Keep up the blogging Katie.

Gypsy Trails said...

Yes I have been using the baking soda for deodarant and YES it has been working for me. I like it so much better.

Now I should also add here that I have stopped shaving my armpits,( did not like the rashes from shaving, and was also around many other woman who do not shave their arm pits so felt okay with going natural ) and the baking soda still works for me.

On the days that I would be more active,and sweaty I have added a second sprinkling in the later afternoon after washing my arm pits...but still liking it so much better than the regular stuff I was using. I feel clean, and smell okay.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on not shaving Gypsy. Who ever said women must shave anyway?? Just one more way to save money...not buying razors.

OK, so I have not found the courage to try the yogurt just yet....

I have been using rubbing alcohol which works good...only a slight smell at the end of the day.

I tried vinegar too, but did not like it. I think it made me smell worse.

Last night after applying alcohol, I sprinkled some baking soda on.
Worked great!
However, after showering this morning I applied alcohol and BURN! I think the baking soda was abrasive on my skin. SO, I am thinking about adding baby powder instead after the alcohol.

Homeless said...

I am glad that you are having good results with no'poo. I tried it a few year ago and after a couple of months, I had to go back to the poo. I have long, straight oily hair. It just kept getting more and more oily and limp. I tried vinegar, baking soda, and just plain water. Its my understanding that the drier you hair is naturally, the better no'poo goes.

As for deodorant, once again.. I am the sweaty, oily one, sigh. I had good luck with Tom's apricot and then they discontinued it. All of their other scents made me smell a lot worse than wearing none. I found JASON natural deodorant and it has worked great with my chemistry.

Anyway, glad I found your blog. Safe journeys!


Marcy said...

I got your blog link from the spindlers group. I haven't used shampoo for months. Maybe even more than a year. I use baking soda about once a month. I don't even use a paste, I just make the water really alkaline and then I pour it on my head. When I start massaging it, the baking soda saponifies with the oil on my scalp. I do a vinegar rinse (very dilute).

I also use baking soda under my arms for any odors and it works great. I don't use soap very often. Maybe once a week or even less frequent.

kate said...

wow, i have some catching up to do! i am working on a project and have been so distracted...

vickie! we are so alike :-) i have a new development, though...i have developed a lock of really dry hair right at the crown (occipital area in the back). it's not big, but worriesome. the rest of my hair is fine....i'm taking a wait and see attitude for now...

tom- i did the crew cut thing once. my friends all said i should never do it again :-)

tara, i am going to try the witch hazle...i have some here. i bet the dietary concept has alot of truth to eat....smelling like what you eat. i eat too much yuk.

linda sue, thank-you for such sweet comments. we have so much in common....i share the pain of your loss. i just joined your blog, so we can keep in touch!

kylie, i have been considering giving up the shaving, but worry that it will increase the odor...any thoughts on that?

jenn, welcome! i have heard good things about the jason line. i checked out your blog, and will be adding your link to my blog as soon as i can!

thanks, everyone for all the comments and support!

kate said...

marcy, thanks for stopping by. i am about to introduce a new fiber/travel blog....stay tuned!

LindaSue said...

Kate Thank your for adding yourself to my followers list. I don't think you made a comment. I would love to talk to you. I cannot tell you how much I admire what you are doing. I so wish I could get out there more.

My christmas wish is new tires for my little rig. Then I can go a little again. I need a battery too but I don''t want to ask for too much.

I am going to post some more picture in a day or two . You will have to go back and look again. This time you will have to make a comment. Later

Gypsy Trails said...

I have not noticed an increase in odour but I also wash each morning, and add the Baking soda and then use a baby wipe in the afternoon to help , if I have been really active.

Right now I am usually sitting alot during the day when working in the office , so am not as active as I would like.

So far it is working out pretty good for me. I used to not shave in the winter time, so it was pretty easy for me to stop shaving all together :)

Lisa from Louisiana said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by and catching up. I see by your blog you are quite busy. So keep on keeping on Friend! and so will i! Enjoy! Laugh! Create!! Here * There * Everywhere

dr dave said...

I have been off poo for about six months now, and I was deeply, deeply skeptical baking soda would work, but it really, really does. We condition with apple cider vinegar. It also works for shaving. Yup, I said shaving, same principle, add water, spread it on your face. The alkali baking soda reacts with the oils on your face and facial hair, and you get a non lathery soap and the closest, cleanest shave you can imagine. The wife makes a homemade "hippie deodorant" with shea butter and baking soda with lavender oil mixed in. Again, I was deeply skeptical but it really works. We also make our own laundry detergent now: super washing soda, castile soap and borax and voila, clean clothes at less than a penny per load. Also use castille soap (Dr Bronners of course) with a pinch of borax and vinegar for dishwashing. I can't imagine buying dish washing liquid, laundry detergent, shampoo or deodorant ever again. It is amazing what we "consumers" have been conditioned by industry and Madison Ave to spend our hard earned dollars on.

twokniveskatie said...

dr.dave, thanks for your comment. i am particularly interested in your homemade deodorant....i am going to try that as soon as i locate some pure shea butter. thanks!

Brian Many Wheels said...

Hi Kate...a quick report from me on the topic.
I have gone without any hair products for 6 months now except for twice with shampoo, spaced out for a couple of months. I like it...very simple and easy and since I have not had a haircut in even longer, a lot less hassle...a hair-wash in plain hot fresh water every couple of days..also discovered through my mother-in-law, a deodorant called Yodora. It has been around forever, is non-irritating and has no aluminum. Sometimes you have to have the local pharmacy order it since it is not well known these days. A cream in a 2oz plastic jar that my Mominlaw says lasts for months. I like it a lot, it works better than anything I have ever used and does not cause the rash I got from Crystal deo...good luck with your search kate and friends...

hoboknitter said...

hey, bro, glad you checked in, and that no poo is working for ya.

i used shampoo twice in the last 10days. as i mentioned before, i developed one spot of brittle hair on the back of my head that has been getting worse. nothing wrong with the scalp, just the hair. the girl who cuts my hair says it's the no poo routine, and i'm gonna get a bald spot. if so, why only in one spot? and can i trust someone who makes a living off shampoo? anyhow, nothing has worked so far. using the shampoo/conditioner seems to have helped the dryness, but i sacrificed the body i had with baking soda and acv....

anyhow, the jury is still out. we shall see.

thanks for the lead on the deodorant thing....

hoboknitter said...

that was supposed to be "bri" but i guess "bro" works too. better than "bru" or "bra". heh.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Holy cow, what a lot of information in this thread! I have nothing to contribute.

I do have a question, though: what does cornstarch do in the armpit department? Does it help? Hurt? Make biscuits?

The Good Luck Duck

hoboknitter said...

haha! biscuits! now that would be simplifying!

i've never used cornstarch. i have used a dusting of baking soda on my pits, (works great) but now that i am "noap" (no soap!) i haven't seemed to need it. wait for summer though. that will be a test!

Brian Many Wheels said...

Biscuits! Yeow!

So katie. After having gone back to the ol' shampoo for a while, I am now with much shorter hair and back on the no-poo just makes sense! Thanks for the nice chat the other day on the tellie. I was inspired...Biscuits! Yeow!

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