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Saturday, July 17, 2010

the truth about truths

the other day i was looking for a cd case. i have two of them....a small blue round one, and a large grey square one. i keep them both in the rondyvan.
well, i wanted something in the small blue round one. i searched and searched and searched the whole van for the small GRAY round one. couldn't find it anywhere. note that i said gray. in my mind i had transposed the colors. once i had identified that i wanted the small gray cd holder, that became my "truth". i could not see anything else. the darn thing was right on the dashboard, and i couldn't see it.
just thought i'd share that experience.

one of my favorite sayings:

 "just because someone speaks the truth, does not mean he knows the truth"

something i have to remind myself of now and then!


Kuck said...

I'm going to admit, I giggle a bit at that post. But I can definitely relate, telling yourself something as a fact when it is, in fact, the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Kate, I think it is a sign of your age. I'm sure Charlene will agree. It's almost like when I am out working in the garage, and I go into the house to get the kitchen scissors. I get to the kitchen and can't remember why I'm there, so I grab a soda and go back out into the garage. It is then that I realize I forgot the scissors. LOL

sjptak said...

I'm "Anonymus" prolly know me as sjptak from the vandweller forum, or Stanley on Facebook.

hoboknitter said...

hiya kuck! blogger hasn't been notifying me of comments. glad to see ya!

of course i know ya stanley! i know....i spent all day trying to think of the word "sarong". not that i was wearing one :-)

Gypsy Jane said...

yes. when I'm 100% positive I'm right, beyond doubt, that's when I'm most likely to be wrong.

and nope, it's not a sign of age, just the human condition.