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Saturday, August 07, 2010


last year i had a chance to meet a friends daughter who is a musician. she played a few songs for me, and i immediately got tears in my eyes, her voice was so sweet and clear. it reminded me of those wonderful nights around the kitchen table when i was growing up, and my parents friends played and sang with us late into the night...remember, annie?

i recently got to download her first album, and wanted to share the can listen to clips in the mp3 download page.....i think we'll be hearing more from this young woman.

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LindaSue said...

Hi gal. Haven't been able to get online much lately. Just got an aircard and am up and running again. Read everything back to the slab city pics. You have been busy, but really happy. So glad to hear that. We are still here in SE Ala. Come this way whenever and since we will soon have our little acre of heaven, will have plenty of room to share.

Just used the bs and water for my hair. Awesome. So soft and shiny and clean. No more shampoo for me.

Have missed reading you so keep on posting and let us all know how you are and what you are up too.

Later Linda