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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

knitting worms

"what is that?" you say. "what are you talking about? worms that knit?"

nope! knitting a worm! heidi has me all in a dither. with all the new found time on my hands after restructuring my life a bit, i have been able to delve into, and actually bring together, several passions. today it is homesteading (vansteading to many of us!) and knitting......

last night i emailed heidi to remind her that Brian the Younger had been doing vermiculture (composting with worms)in his rv when i met him in pahrump. i have some pics somewhere of the cute little guys and the resulting rich, black compost they produced, but thought heidi might be able to get brian to contribute his experiences to the vansteader information pool since i, as i told her,  don't know much about worm poo. i have long been interested in trying it (making it, not eating it) but becoming semi-mobile put a stop to that.....

or has it? i was interested when i saw brian's set-up, but he has a much larger rv with room for that sort of thing. i immediately dismissed it as impracticle in the rondyvan, which is a very silly thing to do. i should know by now that ideas should never be dismissed, only shelved temporarily until heidi gets me all inspired again, and ya throw a whole network of vandwellers and such into the mix :-)

so, the knitting, what about the knitting?

i remembered a discussion on vermiculture in small spaces that we had on a group called ishcon, where friends of ishmael gathered. it took some digging, but i finally found the thread, and lo and behold! i not only found the website of the marvelous woman who created "worm-ware", the sustainable answer to composting on the go, but a pattern for knitted worms! all on the very same website! now ya wonder why i think my life is pretty amazing?

i'm gonna quit rattling on here, and give you some links to check it out yourself. enjoy!

travels with worms

knit one red worm


i can't wait to see where heidi goes with this! kylie, you too!


-Heidi said...

OMGosh! The possibilities! I know Mike wasn't keen on chickens with diapers, but *worms*... how could anyone object to *worm pets*!!! This is such great information! I'm going to be all giddy about worms as we travel today! Thank you!

NOLA's Lost Son said...

After seeing the picture of the knitted worm on the cat at the link, I almost expect to see a new slew os sock money pictures with some new worm-y accessories, lol.

hoboknitter said...

heidi- i googled worm diapers, with no luck. they would be counterproductive :-)

R- i am thinking more along the lines of the kids knitting their own worms. they do everything else. i recently saw a knitting sock monkey on the internet....

Panda said...

I think that housechickens would go naturally with a worm farm! Why be exclusive? The more fun, the better!

Perhaps Katie could knit little scarves and jackets for the chickens to go along with the chicken diapers. Heidi could have the best dressed house chickens around and Katie would be a hen-couture designer! Everybody, and hen, would be happy! :-)

twokniveskatie said...

panda- i think there are 2 problems with your logic....first off, the chickens would eat the worms. secondly, i can't imagine getting a diaper on a chicken, let alone a hat and sweater :-)