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Monday, October 18, 2010

thermos cooking a la heidi

heidi just did a post over at vansteaders on thermos cooking. i haven't done it in some time, and with the cold weather approaching, will welcome hot food with little effort or fuel consumption. one of my biggest complaints was poor results in cooking brown rice. heidi's blog shows success with that, here

you can read my old blog post on making a reflectix cover for my thermos here.

thermos dimensions: 4" diameter and 7"tall
                    circumference of thermos alone 12.5"
                    circumference with cozy 17.25"
                    20 oz. (0.59 liters)

some photos of my thermos:


NOLA's Lost Son said...

Kate, I love the fact it has the built in bowl and silverware. I'm definitely going to have to try this out. I've never been much of a morning person so I would definitely be happy with something that let's me heat the kettle for tea or coffee and use the same heated kettle to make some good hot fop without muss or fuss.

Zach said...

Looks like a great thermos! Know any specs on it? How do you like it?

Btw, your link to a previous post describing your reflectix enclosure links to vansteaders and not your site.

twokniveskatie said...

remi- the lid does not really serve well as a bowl, very shallow ans has ridges that hold the little spork in place. but the mouth is so wide that i eat right out of the thermos. neanderthal that i am.

zach, thanks for the heads up. i believe i have fixed the link. i added the dimensions to the post, so read it again. i really like the thermos!

-Heidi said...

Kate, thanks so much for the links and continued support for vansteaders! I really appreciate it! We have so many great topics to explore... hey, do you think you're going to make it the the rubber tramp rendezvous?

Simply What Matters said...

Nice blog post!!! I am going to pop over on Heidi's blog too. I used to be so fascinated with thermos cooking & just kind of got away from it over the years. Have been wanting to become reacquainted with it so thanks Katie! Also, I really like the design of your thermos! I am going to see if I can locate one! :) I am going to start doing blog posts on simply what matters again & will keep up with your blogs better than I have been! All the best to you Katie, Brenda

Zach said...

Found it on Amazon:

hoboknitter said...

heidi- i had hoped to go to the rendezvous, but as time goes on, it becomes very unlikely.

hi brenda, good to see you here again! i will watch for postings on your blog.

zach-just remembered where i got mine.....siera trading post. think it was something like $19. but at amazon, you get the free shipping!