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Thursday, March 10, 2011

van window reflectix

    here are some pics showing how i installed reflectix insulation in the windows of my astrovan. 
    above is pictured plain, uncovered reflectix in the rear passenger side window of the van. the edges of the cut-slightly-larger-than-the-window-panels were tucked into the space between the glass and the plastic around the windows.

above is the same panel (covered on the inside with fabric) being tucked in with the blunt tip of a butter knife. this is how i install reflectix panels that i don't remove often, or ever.
these are super strong magnets from Joanne's
the screws are flat headed and just a weensy bit larger that the hole in the washer. the washer hole is beveled so that the screw head fits flush with the surface of the washer. this is important because you need the whole surface area of the washer for strong attachment of the magnets.
you can see how the screw fits flush and doesn't stick up above the surface of the washer.
here is the washer screwed into the plastic frame around the window.
this shows how a magnet is laid upon the strip of beloved duct tape, and the end folded over so that the magnet is completely enclosed in tape. the remaining sticky end is overlapped onto the reflectix so that only the black tab sticks out over the edge. the resulting tab reminds me of the tabs on paper doll clothes.
this shows the tab on the window covering,  attached to the washer.
this shows me holding down the tab .  when i let go, it will flip back up and attach to the washer again. these are strong magnets. for those who don't want to drill holes into their vehicle, the washers can be atached with gorilla glue, but be aware that the magnets are strong enough that they may pull the magnets pull the washers off. it was suggested to me that roughing up the surface of the plastic first for better adhesion may prevent this, but i have not experimented with this on plastic. this is how i do the reflectix on panels i want to be able to remove easily and be able to quickly reattach.

hope this helps!


¡Vizcacha! said...

I see you are preparing to attach the washer to Mutt's hands. How did that work out?

I just told Annie about this idea, and she said "Brilliant!"

The Good Luck Duck

Bob said...

I might incorporate some of your magnet ideas, but I really am impressed with your knife collection. They look good or should I say sharp.

Brian Many Wheels said...

Very cool method katie.....

hoboknitter said...

hahaha, roxanne, i hadn't noticed that! it looks like Queen Kong is reaching in the van to do just that :-)

Bob, i love my knives, but actually have gifted all but one of those to vandwellers! plenty more sharp things where they came from....

thank-you, Bri....ideas gleaned from multiple vandwellers, actually, tweaked to my's like circular knowledge, ya know?

Barb. said...

I think I need stronger magnets.
I've been trying to use some in my van but haven't got them to work yet.

You've done a good job with yours. I might pinch some of your idea.


Anonymous said...

great idea! I may have to steal it :) to winterize my leaky bus windows.


hoboknitter said...

barb- those magnets from joannes are REALLY strong. i hear you can get stronger yet on ebay, but i haven't needed them.

lindy, i dream of seeing your bus one day....

steal and pinch my ideas all you want! i stole/pinched them from someone else most likely :-)