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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Favorite tents

I was able to find a couple shots of some of the favorite lean-tos and a tents I have owned. Can't post pics directly on the Cheaprvliving forum, so have to stick them here.

The brown one is a 10x10 oilskin diamond fly. I traded that one for a 7x7 oilskin, which was pre-dog, and clearly a mistake :-). Under the 7x7, in the rain, jockeying with Mutt for dry real estate.... Well let's just say it sucks being me.

The one with the goofy dog (mookie) is a big sun forger canvas tent fly. Forget the size, but it's big. With a couple of poles, I can configure it multiethnic ways, including a half- tipi sort of thing, as pictured with me and the little kid.

The last is a great long term camp, a 10x10 single pole hunters tent with an a-frame fly. Not a good spike camp, cause of all the poles necessary for the fly.

For long term living, I'd choose a 12x12 hunters tent with double tipi doors and a stove pipe hole.

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Kate Dunkin said...

Wow awesome post! I really love those kind of tents. Thank you for sharing this with us!