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Monday, July 02, 2012

Vandwellers GTG yahoo group

There is a yahoo group geared specifically as a resource for calendar listings of Vandweller Get ToGethers. I recommend joining up and listing your gatherings, posting your hopes of having one, or to keep track of where they are happening.

Check it out:


cuzzin dick said...

thanks Katie, it looks like a great place to and for all vandweller/mobile groups to post and keep track of events that they might be/get interested in.

Dan Cordray said...

I sure enjoyed meeting everyone at the RTR, while I'm working in Mississippi, I'm wishing I was back in AZ. But, this is how I'll get a van for Layla and I. I was trying to post something to everybody, but haven't really figured it all out yet. Say hi to all and this link is where I'll post some travels. Hope to make the summer trip in a van.

Dan from Kentucky.

Dan Cordray said...

Sorry left of part of the link