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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

flagstaff flagstop part II

my second angel came in the form of a tow truck driver from AAA. When he arrived, I told him I didn't care where we went, but I needed to go to a repair place that would let me stay in my van. He said he knew just the place, and it would be open the next day, a saturday. He towed us to Advanced Auto Service and Tire Centers, where he introduced me to Vaughn, the manager. They put the van behind the building "away from the noisy trains". Vaughn offered me electrical hook-ups, and told me there would be coffee in the morning. The tow truck driver leveled the van with some pieces of wood, showed me where it was safe to walk mutt, and went on his way.

Well, the next morning, I found out I had a whole garage full of angels. They worked quickly to diagnose the problem and to get my estimate. They brought me breakfast, and loved on Mutt. They were patient as we took over the waiting room, where mutt entertained customers with his goofiness.

I am sorry I don't remember the name of the person who actually worked on the van, but he had me up and running in a couple hours. Before he took it for a test-drive, he asked if anything needed to be strapped down in my "mobile" home!

Throughout all this, Vaughn and Scott kept me apprised of the van's progress, made sure I was comfortable, offered me sodas, and petted mutt at the same time they gave the same attention to every customer who walked through that door. You could tell they loved what they did, and that the customers knew it. I sure did.

When I left there, I had an appreciation for whatever good karma dropped me on their doorstep, and some new friends. I felt safe and cared for, and i'm grateful to everyone there.

I am going to add their information to the database at vandwellers, and to the vandwellers webring.

Scott and Vaughn, you guys rock. Thank-you for everything!


Anonymous said...

OK - So I don't imagine that the Advanced Auto Shop had any homemade bread from a bread machine to offer !! What a great feeling to know that there are still honest people out there to help you out ~ and to think they took to Mutt ~ but then, who wouldn't take to Mutt !!


kate said...

well, girlfriend, they didn't try to feed me anything that frightened me!!!!

i am making slow progress home, with the weather. better do a trial run on that bread machine....i'm hungry for some of your awesome cooking!

Tara said...

I hope you got a good warranty - when my feul pump went out it did it again like 8 months later and I'd driven like 42 miles too far for the damn warranty. But! It turns out that feul pumpsre easy to replace! You can totally do it yourself next time, if there is one!

kate said...

tara! where's your blog? i got a two year warranty on the fuel pump. are you cold?