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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taylor Reed

a few weeks ago, i got an email from someone through vandwellers asking me permission to do a painting, from a photo i had on my blog, of mutt beneath the golden gate bridge. i said sure, and was touched that not only had he liked the photo (or my sweet dog!) well enough to paint it, but that he had asked permission first. i didn't know how good of an artist he was, but i knew he was a class-act person!

well, now i also know he is a first-rate artist, and after several emails back and forth, count him as a friend as well. taylor, you rock, my friend, and i am so honored you chose mutt's photo!

these are some photos of the work in progress. at one point, he stopped working to go on a camping trip. he emailed me to let me know there would be a delay in the completion, but i say no camping trip is ever a delay :-)

this is taylor. he's from brazil, and he's awesome. if i knew where brazil was, i'd have to go there and have him paint the rondyvan. i have a feeling this won't be the last we hear about this guy. when he's famous, i can say i knew him first :-)

thank-you, taylor!

addendum: i stand corrected. taylor is from bolivia, and vacationed in brazil :-)


Taylor said...

correction: lives in Bolivia, not brazil :)

i love this, thanks katie :)

Jeremiah said...

Hi Katie!!!!
We miss you!!! Love the painting of Mutt, it's beautiful.
All our Love and Prayers Always,
the Marvins

kate said...

corrected, taylor! and you are so welcome!

hiya marvins! they are my very best neighbors in the world! hey, i'm on my way home!!!!!see you soon!

Jeremiah said...

Oh happy HAPPY YEAH!!!
See you soon- I need a walk in the woods- it's almost soccer season!


NEMO '09 said...

thats too cool :) nice that Mutts now famous!! :) thanks Taylor!

Burgundy Willows said...

I love the painting.