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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

4 wheelin'

on memorial day i got a call from cathy. she asked me 3 questions:
do you want to go on an adventure?
do you want a helmet?
do you have someone who can make bail?

well, what can ya say to a call like that? i got my first taste of 4 wheeling :-)

we started out in a a big old artic cat with a cab on it. we had to get a few miles away in a vehicle not licensed for the road. we did this by taking as many back roads as possible. when we had to go on paved road, we squinched our heads down into our necks and drove fast, as if we were invisible. we drove over creeks, through creeks, and up steep hills.

we met up with some of cathy's family for some trail riding. here cathy and derek stop to move a log across the path. what i had the decency NOT to post was the pic of cathy going ass over tincups when derek moved the log alot faster than cathy has moved in years. good friend that i am, i shreiked and recorded the event for posterity. heading back on the trail, something happened to the muffler. the noise was terrible, and we were shooting fire out the back end.
cathy's husband gary tried to fix it, but didn't have the proper bolts. we were stranded miles from home and had to be ferried back by car to the lilting strains of lawrence welk. it was memorable :-(

back at the ranch, we moped around a bit, deflated at our aborted adventure, and then decided to take these babies out for a spin. i drove the red one, and fast, too! it was scary and thrilling and way different than driving the rondyvan :-) i'm trying to figure out how to get a kayak rack on one of them.......


Anonymous said...

So any one knowing Katie should have seen her face and hear the laugh (which I'm sure you are all tuned into) when she rode that Arctic Cat out of the warehouse. It was a scene I had just experienced earlier that day as my 85 year old mother held on for dear life as her friend maneuvered the lifter, mud terrain golf cart they were riding in. Katie had such a surprised, amazed, what the hell am I doing look on her face. It was PRICELESS !!!

kate said...

girlfriend, there is never a dull moment when you are around! what a blast!

Anonymous said...


I didn't know you blogged! Or kayak!

The town I live in has lots of kayaking... every June you'll find FibArk here (First in Boating, Arkansas River). Anyway... a lot of folks have adapted bike kiddie trailers to haul around thier kayaks by bicycle. You might be able to do something like that for the bike and/or the ATV....

Sounds like you're having lots of fun... good for you!


kate said...

janene! so good to see ya here! been kayaking since last fall, and blogging about a year longer. i am heading back out that way in a few months, i'd really love to see you!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! My door is always open... and unless something gets in the way, I am planning to get out to Ashland this year.... I assume that's why you're heading this way?

~Karen~ said...

LOL... *LOVED* this... hey, c'mon by here, too... I bought a big 4wd Arctic Cat several months ago... it's a *BLAST*!!! :)

And yes, of *course* it's getting moved to Colorado with me! Love it!

AKA: VanMomKaren

kate said...

karen! why am i not surprised that you have a 4 wheeler! did ya know i'm moving to colorado with you also? just sayin'!!!!

~Karen~ said...

*GREAT*!!! C'mon with us! The closing is set for around the end of July... BTW, it currently has only 7-8 BR's... it *MIGHT* be big enough for all of us, huh? roflol

kate said...

good grief! we can reserve one whole room for sock animals!