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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

showering on the road

okay, messiest blog ever. don't ask me how this jumble happened, but it took alot of work to create this fiasco, and i'm not gonna redo it. bear with me!

pictured (haphazardly) are the things i use for staying fresh and sweet on the road. above is my Equinox ultralight toiletry bag. silnylon and mesh! when you are packing light, it is annoying to have a bag that's bulkier than what you are carrying. found on a clearance table in a health food store.

the tupperware container is my washbowl when i'm doing a quick wash-up in a parking lot somewhere. i can seal the lid to contain the water til i can get to someplace to dump it, like a public restroom.
i carry a small rubber door mat(below) for standing on where it's rocky or muddy. the green folding table was $9 and has a dozen uses. i use a 3 gallon paint can from lowe's for my potty. it doubles as a shower seat.

this is my outback porta-privy. i got it from cabela's a few years ago for $49. it pops open when taken from the carrying case, and folds down flat like those car sunshades.

it's a great changing room too. it stakes down. or has pockets at the bottom for rocks or sand to help keep it in place. staking is highly recommended when it's breezy!

above is one of those elizabethan dog collars/ cone things that mutt got after surgery once, to keep him from pawing the stitches.
((((that is a dreadful thing for an obedience trained dog to wear. mutt automatically heels to my left whether i tell him to or not. when he wore this, he'd drop into position at my left heel, whack the back of my knee with the cone, and drop me like a rock! entering a doorway was traumatic. it was a long 2 weeks!!!)))

anyhow, folded up, the collar makes a nice extension funnel for a folding bucket for washing hair! neat, eh? also makes a good pee bottle for those of us whohave trouble hitting the nalgene bottle in the dark :-)

magnet hook for holding the hose

this was my outdoor shower in the desert using the MSR dromlite bag. you can buy the shower nozzle for them from campmor. no shower shelter necessary if you can get the boys to point their solar panels away from you :-)


Visionquest said...

Good blog! My shower is easier LOL! Turn on hot water heater, wait 15 minutes, shower, run around neked for a while, done :) I was kidding about that last part! I do sorta want to pick up one of those outback enclosures for our outside shower though.

You have been busy the last week or so huh!? Nice to see you blogging again!

Love you!

kate said...

bocephus, is that you? sweet mike would never run around nekked. heidi would never get anything done. let that laptop alone, bad monkey!

The Traveler said...

I've got an MSR dromlite bag! I didn't know they sell shower attachments for them, how cool, thanks for sharing. -Sonja

kate said...

sonja, i just love that shower nozzle....scored mine off a clearance table for $5!

but hey, i'll trade you my nozzle for that cool gun :-)

MsBelinda said...

You have the same shower I have, the only difference is that you know how to fold it and I dont, lol! Have watched the video on how to do it but to this day can not fold it for the life of me so it just gets carried flat on top of all my camping stuff as it is the first thing I set up at camp and the last thing I put up.

You have a nice set-up and you gave me an idea about the folding table. Thanks.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh! Pop-up cabana! I [heart] it! And the collapsible bucket! THING-LUST! Hmmm ... friends are giving us a going-away party soon. Ha! Our friends are still scratching their heads - imagine a gift-list that included a folding bucket.

The Good Luck Duck

hoboknitter said...

haha, roxanne, i am a gear whore. hard to mesh with minimalism :-)

tell me about gift lists. a couple christmases ago my oldest son was grousing that he had to be the only boy in america that had to buy his mother a book called "the humanure handbook"!!!!!!

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