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Monday, June 08, 2009


cathy got a wii active. We're adding that to our walking for a more focused workout. The first few days were really painful, but it's getting easier.....i'm starting to enjoy the burn now! I've been mostly working out in the evenings, but am switching to early mornings with the hot weather coming. The other night I busted my only resistance band, so I have to get another for the van.

This photo of my "mii" shows a striking resemblance....she's wearing the same orange REI river cap that I have!


Grandma in the yellow house said...

My philosophy is "No pain....Good!"
Still use my nearly 20 yr. old Sony Walkman and some 80's tapes for my walks. Works for me. I leave the new technology for you younger folks.
Grandma in the yellow house

kate said...

ha! don't know that i am that much younger! i need to increase my strength to be able to got that kayak on the roof!