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Thursday, August 20, 2009

farm pics

i hadn't been planning on spending the summer here, but i am glad i did. the weather has been mild and wonderful, only getting warm and muggy a little this last week or so. i have been getting alot done and experienced alot of spiritual growth, for which i am deeply grateful. i keep saying that it doesn't get much better than this, but then it does :-)looking out the rear window of the rondyvan at mutt surveying his 100 acre kingdom.

my brothers have been working hard at returning the farm to it's native habitat, planting wild grasses and reintroducing wildlife to the area.
i grumbled alot about that at first, as i am not one to handle change well. i should say that as past tense, because part of my spiritual growth has been finding serenity even when change frightens me. when they did select timbering along the swamp, i was upset at the loss of trees. but the understory took off, and the berry bushes flourished, providing food for us and the wildlife. so i will be a little slower to judge, now, without hearing and seeing first. a good lesson.
i look out over the fields now, and see diversity and growth and
beautiful flowers :-)


Brian Many Wheels said...

Great photos Katie and a beautiful spot to be in. Nice sentiments as well and isn't it amazing when we let go of old ideas?
Be well.

John said...

Mutt looks like he's having the time of his life, and i'll bet you are too! Hugs