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Monday, August 10, 2009

no poo two

just a quick update on my no 'poo adventure.....

in the previous blog post i said that i wasn't interested in trying out the baking soda/vinegar route, because what i had read indicated it would involve alot of mixing and measuring and timing and rinsing. then vickie left some comments about her experience, and how after a little time, she was so pleased with the baking soda routine. apparently it just took some time for the oil production to level out. anyhow...i decided to give the baking soda a try before i ruled it out. all i can say is wow. just wow.

it is so simple. i use a 2 cup shaker bottle, put in a cup of water and a tablespoon of baking soda, pour it over my hair, massage my scalp for a minute, and rinse. contrary to other people's experiences, my hair rinses with alot less water than i needed with shampoo or dr. bronners. right now it seems that washing with baking soda every 2-3 days is more than adequate, i rinse my hair with plain water other mornings if i want to get rid of bed head. or wear a hat :-)

check back later today for a post on baking in my Banks FryBake pans.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Do you wet your hair before you dump the concoction on your head? I've been using dry shampoo, but wondered if this might be a good option.

Thanks so much,

kate said...

hiya, nicole! yeah, that's what i've been doing so far. now i'm curious though, and wonder if i made up a small bottle and dumped it on my dry hair and then rinsed, if that would if i was washing it in the van....i'll try it and let you know!

terrapraeta said...

Hey Kate!

You've inspired me... I bought a box of soda last night and I was gonna ask how often you use it... but now you've answered, so by this time next week I'll see what I think.

In the same vein, I've decided to give up all my assorted skin products as well -- I haven't used anything much for a long time, but I scrubbed my face with an Olay product twice in one week last week... and ended up with a massive breakout. So out it goes... by this time next year I may be totally chemical crap free, woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Hey Katie!

I'm already to start no poo. Count me in on this experiment.

bus-dweller lindy

kate said...

hey, lindy! let me know how it goes! you too, janene!

i am also re-evaluating all my other products i use. so far, the deodorant experiment is a flop. phew :-( but i'll keep trying!

kate said...

oh, and nicole! today i mixed 1 tblsp. soda with 2 cups of water....applied to dry hair, and it worked perfectly!!! that's the solution/ concentration i'll use from now on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Katie! I'm going to give it a whirl this weekend.

I too had cut way back on facial products. I don't even use soap most of the time, just a hot wash cloth and then a little moisturizer. I've had fewer breakouts and my skin is soft. :o)

Anonymous said...

I just returned from tryin' the no poo method. I really wanted this to work for me. :( My hair is too thick for my fingers to even get through it (to my scalp) without lather. I guess this only works for .... Michael's words: the folically challenged. ;) I need to figure out some type of lather. We are going to the health food store later. I hope to come home with a better option for me.

-Your Numees

Visionquest said...

Geez Sweetheart, I would never refer to my sweet pookie as "follicly challenged"! Thats just a general word to try to maintain my normal PC sorta speak. Applying it to her seems a bit of a stretch after all, she does have hair or she wouldn't need to be concerned with poo :)

Visionquest said...

Pookie has lovely hair actually!