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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moose Goo

i wanted to share with you a favorite food that is good rations for camping or hiking. it is made with corn flour (masa harina, not corn meal), honey, and peanut buter. i will post the recipe as it was created. i noodled with mine to make it a little less sweet, when i do it again, i will write down my version and post it here.
if you click on the blog post title, it will take you to joe's site, where there are other variations and recipes.....
okay, blogger will not let me cut and paste the recipe, so you'll have to follow the link. if you try it, you'll have to let me know how you liked it. or share your version!


Anonymous said...

I made some similar stuff with my kids when they were little. We formed them into little cookies of sorts. They were called Aggression Cookies. You got your aggressions out while mixing them!
-Candace [-:

kate said...

ha! like that name! we made "peanut butter balls" when i was little. not anywhere as nutritious as moose goo :-)

WhiteBird said...

When I lived on a boat we would make something like this but with powdered milk instead of corn flour. The kids thought they were a treat. They were! I have some harina so will have to give this recipe a try.
Port Angeles

kate said...

hiya gary....i think someone commented on joe's site about using powdered milk. i wonder if using it would shorten the shelf life of the goo?

Visionquest said...

Heidi and I think you have your titles confused a bit. From the looks of it, you should have swapped words with your other recent posts. IE: Moose Poo and No Goo

Just a brilliant observation from the correct coast :)

Love you megatons Sweet Katie!
-Heidi & Mike

kate said...

hahaha! you pest! moose poo! the correct coast! i'm homesick!!!