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Thursday, January 31, 2008

january 31, 2008

this is my computer monitor on drugs. i am trying to read a post at vandwellers, but the image is blinking like....well, like neon in a tom waits song. it gives me a headache. what will really give me a headache is if i fall over backwards outta my chair and smack my head on the woodstove.

i got wood from the shed where it got split by the rental splitter. my friends mike and laura did that for me for a solstice present :-) the pile on my porch is almost used up, so i had to transport wood in the john deere over to the front yard, where i use my trusty axe to split it down smaller for the stove (my cooking splits i call them). it seems like alot of labor intensive steps sometimes. it would be so much easier to live in the shed.

i used to haul it back and forth in my wheelbarrow, but that got a flat tire. it was almost nicer that way....quieter. and i'm not so inclined to knock off parts of the porch as i have been known to do with the bucket loader.

i went to the post office to ship something to a friend, and a hat i sold yesterday (my first etsy sale YES!). while there, i asked them if i could have one of the extra phone books to use for firestarters. they have been shipping a bag of them a day to the landfill, so they had me back the rondyvan around the side and gave me all of them! they will make a lifetimes worth of firestarters.


Anonymous said...

just lookit those booties! ... the legs they are attached to look relaxed. we all agree.


kate said...

oh, girlie. i love you so much my heart could burst. yeah, zen legs, like :-)