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Thursday, January 31, 2008


i will never forget your face
shadowed in half-light
at the bar last night
and how you drew back your head
to laugh.
your words
slipped in so easily
--- i never felt their sting.
i will always remember your face
as you paused in neon
by the door
and left off
when you saw their venom work.


Johnny said...

Wow, I really like that poem

Guess I just really like when someone can paint a picture so much more vivid with words
than the words simply mean.

Johnny said...

I want to be the surgeon that cuts you open
That fixes all of life's mistakes
I want to be the house that you were raised in
The only place that you feel safe
I want to be a shower in the morning
That wakes you up and makes you clean
I know I'm just the weather against your window
As you sleep through a winter's dream
---from the song ship in a bottle

Here are another few lines I found
this week, thought you might like

kate said...

johnny, johnny, johnny. thank you for liking my poem. my writings have been hidden away for a long time, only recently resurrected. your first comment was such a surprise, and such a boost, that it inspired me to write a post that i had yet to find the right words for. you were in it :-)

but, blogger wouldn't save any but the first 3 paragraphs, and ultimately, i lost the blasted thing. a small meltdown, and 4 hours of sleep later, i sign on to try to recreate the thing from scratch. and there you are again. making me smile again.

thank-you. i really love those lines. do you know who wrote it?

Johnny said...

The band is "Bright Eyes", cant really say I like thier music all that much. More Indie/Folk rock
type of band. Then again, I have only listened to thier videos on youtube and the quality of the sound on most of them was horrible.

They do have some nice lyrics though.

You need to have a post why you are "twoknives" kate. Since
the first time I have come to your blog I have wondered that :)