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Monday, January 28, 2008

untold stories

sometimes my mind is boggled by the number of untold stories out there in the world.

for instance, this morning i was up early and on the road to an appointment north on the interstate. i've got this miserable muscle spasm in my shoulder from an old neck injury sustained when i fell out of a tree. i don't know what i did to aggravate it, except that i'm navigating a little inner turmoil, so that probably accounts for it.

anyhow, i'm heading up the interstate, directly towards one of the worst sections of I-81 in pennsylvania for traffic and construction and delays. i don't want to be late, but i don't have enough water with me to heat up and put in my platypus water bottle, so at the last minute, i take the exit to the walmart. i'll grab one of those stick-on heat patches for my neck.

leaving the walmart, i see this little sign on the ground, and i am transfixed. i have to waste further time to go get my camera from the rondyvan and take a picture. i mean, what's up with that?


even funnier, is when i bend over to take the pic, i realize it's written on one of those individually packaged sanitary napkins. i would love to know what inspired this baby billboard on the pavement, and how we both came to be there just when i needed a good laugh.

serendipity, i guess.


Johnny said...

It's shit like that will make you believe in God a lot more than any rubbish milleniums old being pushed by man.

Anonymous said...

Hi, awesome blog!

Can you post pictures of inside your van? Thanks! ^_^

Random said...

i came over from tara's blog and was amused to be met with that picture first thing. thank you for the laugh!

michael... said...

Don't believe it!


Anonymous said...


Yoda needs to go on the Slim Fast?