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Sunday, January 27, 2008

ghost words

never listen to the ghost-words
that rise unbidden
just when you think
you've raised your head
and cleansed your heart for the last time.
the love died
thinning out into nothingness
so slowly that you never heard it's last breath...
but the words went out howling
echoing off the emptines,
vowing to return...
i think they never really left.
never listen to the ghost-words
relentless, ugly echoes
from a time when nothing measured up to anything
but you never thought to question the surveyor...
in the end, it was he who came up short.


Don said...

Very nice and very true; not only for love but many other of the curves live sends us. I've seen your comments & van photos on the van groups (where I lurk quietly since I don't have a van!) & came here from hobostripper's blog.

Looking forward to reading more.

kate said...

thanks, don, and welcome.

tara's my hero:-)

Avalon said...

I found this through Tara also. I will be lurking.
Wonderful poetry and beautiful dogs (I have three!)

May said...

You write very well.