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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

evidence of twinship grows

so this couldn't get any freakier.

i am up before 5, woodstove needs stoking, and i've slept enough for now. dog out, and fed, and soon the stove is hot enough to make my tea. i contemplate my blog, but sign off the internet, wordless at the moment.

the phone rings, and it's my friend richard. i haven't spoken to him in a few years. we make plans to meet and catch up. i am a little freaked, because my phone rarely rings, let alone before sunrise. and the universe is popping out people all over the place at a time when i need them most.

the phone rings again. the caller id shows my maiden name with the letter "s" in front of it. that is weird. my maiden name is an uncommon name, you don't see it often. but my neice is named sarah, and i think that my sister must have changed her name back to our maiden name, and for some reason, sarah is using it. i answer the phone.

"hey, sarah, what's up? " i ask, still a little befuddled by the name thing. i don't remember what she answers, and we exchange a few words, until i say "this is sarah, isn't it?"

silence for a second, and she says "no, this is tara". i'm a lot befuddled by now, but absolutely thrilled to hear her voice. my mind goes back to my maiden name on caller id. i have never in my life met anyone with that name outside of my family. i'm becoming flummoxed at this point. and i say "but what's your name?" well, get this.....we are connected by the same family name. can you imagine that? what are the odds of that?

we talk for awhile and it's like i've known her forever. it is the best start to the day that i could never have imagined. i'm going to dig out the geneology stuff my mom left me, and do some research.

maybe twins, after all. or some blood relation at the very least.

imagine that......


Tara said...

Ditto all of that. :)

I got some info from my mom, I'll email you...

Johnny said...

Wow, well hope you guys find some long lost trapper uncle uniting you both. (or traveling salesman?)

Honestly though, after reading posts from the two of you, you both have already found a connection with each other probably a lot stronger than DNA.

Like the big pic Kate, whats the
thingie layin in the middle of the
yarn in the basket? Has a handle and round top.

kate said...

tara- digging through the storage stuff for the geneology stuff. will keep you posted.

johnny- that is a high-whorl spindle. i spin yarn on it. i have a spinning wheel, but i have a passion for more "primitive" tools, whether they be longbows or fiber implements. right now, i'm cracking walnuts for breakfast with a nutting stone found near here. (some call them hammerstones) it is a rock with a hole worn in it's surface that cradles the nut while you whack it with another stone. mine was probably used by the woodland indians long ago. i get this little twinge in my belly when i hold a piece of history in my hands, and can use it to make food, or clothing, or fire.

s*kate said...

How cool for you both! :-)))

I'm loving your blog 2knives.

lindy the bus dweller said...

blood or not :) you two are kindred.

I love primitive things too. I am very excited about your nut stone. There are many Native American trails in my area that are now hiking trails and I can feel the energy deep inside of me.

Don said...

Cool! It will be interesting if you ever meet or swap photos. My wife took an amazing photo of me and a cousin who is about 15 years older. We hadn't seen one another for about 45 years but when we stood together it was like we were almost twins. Geneology is amazing; hope you find out great stuff.