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Monday, February 04, 2008

so i get questions

so i get questions. i love them. someone wanted to know if i owned any other shoes besides mukluks. so here are my favorite summer boots. actually, they are woodland indian 18th century era high topped center-seam moccasins. i love footwear that molds to your foot. they are light, they breathe, and you can move nimbly and quickly. these are great for bushwhacking, they protect your legs. when the soles wear out, it's easy to sew new ones on. the downside? they are as slippery as shit. i don't know how the indians stayed upright on wet grass.....

another recent question....."do you have a foot fetish?" haha! no. if i have a fetish, it's kindness. kindness is the sexiest thing going. try it.

in the upper left corner of the pic is some roving. i was thinking of spinning the yarn for tara's socks, but changed my mind. i'm gonna use the canadian polworth/ kid mohair so i can get them going quicker. can't have my girl with cold feet.


Bill said...


I had to chuckle when I read your comment that others wondered if you have a foot fetish.

You would fit right in in Ely, MN home of Steger Mukluks. Seems that half the locals wear Steger Mukluks all winter.

kate said...

i intend to make a pilgrimage to ely one of these days, to pay homage :-)

Johnny said...

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Bill said...

Here's a link, to Ely, that you might enjoy. Ely is a wonderful place. Sort of timeless with many folks living off the grid out in the nearby wilds.

kate said...

great link, thanks! i see a pic of will steger and paul schurke. i think paul has a dogsled thing going on there. another one of those thing on my list....

do you live near there? visit?

Bill said...

I live a few hours south of Ely but visit often. I've been looking at property in the Ely area. One of these days I may buy a few acres and build a cabin...I hope!

Here are 2 links to Paul Schurke's 2 businesses. The Wintergreen Lodge does the sled dog trips.

Will Stegers' ex wife owns Steger Mukluks. He filed a lawsuit to try to prevent her from using his name. He lost!

Apparently your a dog lover. Have you ever been to a sled dog race? Great fun!

kate said...

i am flat out a dog worshipper. well mutt anyway.
i am an iditarod junkie.
i thought it was too late to move to alaska to live, then i read richard proeneke's book. (i am sure i butchered the spelling of his name) he started at 52. so i'm gonna learn to be a carpenter, and then go.

Bill said...

Dick Proenneke is one of my heros. I have the book and video about his life at Twin Lakes. He was amazing! Aside from his many talents I loved his attitude. He seemed to revel in being busy and accomplishing things around his homestead. Wikipedia has much information about him. I was surprised to find a discussion group about him.

Have you heard of Heimo Korth or Dick Person? There is a great book about Heimo's life in the Alaskan bush, The Final Frontiersman by James Campbell. It's great reading for anyone interested in living in the wilds. Dick Person lived in a tepee for 17 years up in the Yukon. I heard him speak a couple of times, very interesting. He called his lifestyle not survival but thrival in the wilds.

Anyway thanks for recommeding Ishmael. I will have to read it.

BTW I've been to the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, in northern MN, 3 times. The dogs are amazing!

kate said...

thrival in the wilds....i love it.

i never saw dick p's video. i have the book. i guess it would be a silly question to ask if the video is worth seeing :-)

i also have the final frontiersman. now that i think about it, it is on loan somewhere....