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Thursday, February 07, 2008


if the river
reversed it's path
and flowed north
instead of south,
i would stand on it's banks
and collect my tears
as they swirled by
on their return trip
from the sea.
i would put them in
a little leather purse
and leave them on
your doorstep
for you to trip over
in the morning.


Johnny said...

Your poetry really makes one sit and read it over and over to get ones mind around it.

At first I did not really like todays poem, but then again I think my mind was just revolting at having to think this early.

After reading it several more times
It has really kinda grown on me.
Thanks for sharing another one Kate :)

Three days since you have posted a picture of your feet, I'm guessing that your foot fetish fan club is getting pretty ancy about now.

kate said...

that poem just barely survived the fire last week during the purge. i wrote that long ago, when i didn't know any better about crying, and what was worth grieving. but when i looked at it again after all these years i kinda liked the ending......that defiant little act of retribution.

today will be a thrill...moosehide moccasins :-)

Tara said...

I was like, "Kate wrote that? She doesn't seem like she'd write that. Maybe a few years ago... but now?"

And then I read the comments. :-)

Vickie said...

Had to pop over to your blog to catch the two knives story. Can't stay long, but I'm so glad to have encountered this poem!