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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Endless Mountain Fiber Festival part I

i was out of fiber, and needing to make hats, so last week i headed to the Endless Mountain Fiber Festival to see what i could find. EMFF has only been going on for a few years, but has really grown, and is getting better every year. above you see a sweater knit from dog hair. scrumptious! i hereby vow to never shave Mutt again, and go back to harvesting his fluff. this was found in the booth of Kristina Conroy of Spunwoven Designs. she does custom pet hair spinning and can be contacted at

there were lots of critters there. bunnies and llamas and alpacas. and sheep, of course. i picked up a bag of alpaca from Dunn Spun Yarn. i haven't had a chance to spin it yet, but the test strand promises to be lovely :- ) Luann and Mike dunn do hand-turned knitting needles, shearing, and hand-spun yarn.

talk about spinning skills. i stopped by cyndy donohue's booth, where she was spinning flax. it's hard to tell from the pic (i was using a camera phone) but she is spinning two-handed, as in two threads simultaneously. i was pretty impressed.

here you can see the two bobbins, each with their own orifice. i wish i had had more time to talk to her, and find out more about her. i did look up her etsy shop, and she has cool stuff

my big score of the day was a fiber i have been lusting after for a long time....California Variegated Mutant, an endangered breed. i am spinning it on my small hatchtown high whorl spindle, and will get photos as soon as i get more spun. probably this week-end at the can read more about CVM at

"may the forest be with you"


Judy said...

Denise, Mary and I were there on Saturday. Denise is spinning away on your wheel and ended up buying another to keep it company. She bought it from Fred and Grace Hatton (Cyndys booth. This was Denise's initiation to fiber is Rheinbeck! The vendors will LOVE her!!!

willie (wonka) said...

Kate, I am looking around your site and I am lovin' it! Great links! I'm getting plenty of fiber! :)

kate said...

judy, i was there on saturday...we missed each other! i can't make it to rhinebeck this year, too much going on. but wait til ya hear what i'm up too in the fiber department! i'll be posting about it soon...

willie, i am so glad to see you here!