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Friday, September 04, 2009

grilliput compact firebowl

my fire tongs, out of order. i hate when that happens. they are 13 1/2 " long.
i've had the grilliput compact firebowl for awhile now. it's small and lightweight and provides a contained area for a fire or for charcoal when you are camped where there are no firepits, or you just want a tiny fire for cooking.

it weighs 9 3/4 oz. and sits 1 inch off the ground on 4 metal legs. it is very stable. it measures 7" in diameter closed and 11" opened.

this is the folding backpackers grill i got at rei for around $10. it was a bit unsteady so i returned it for something else but that's a secret yet :-)
i found it was too high off the coals for my liking, and i also wanted legs that were pointed, that could be poked into the ground.

this is the small folding grill i use at rendezvous, and found this worked much better, plus i already owned it. dual purpose! on softer ground, the legs can be poked into the earth to stabilize i, or raise it up a little higher. i have a canvas bag that the 2 items slide into to keep my other gear clean.

i will take pics of it in use this weekend, with my squirrel cooker!

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