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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Who blogs about tunafish, anyway?

we have had a running discussion at vandwellers about foods that can be eaten without cooking. gary gearloose and i have essentially bonded over this topic. after paddling and puns, of course. so anyhow, one of the things we vandwellers like are the foil pouch premium wild caught alaskan salmon. which, interestingly enough, is a product of thailand. go figure. we are always comparing pouches as to weight and cost and availability. i usually buy my salmon at wakmart, where a 2.6 oz. pack is .98 cents. gary's source recently dried up, which was a 3 oz. sized package for a dollar.

above is the walmart salmon. it has 2 gms of fat, 360 mgs. of sodium, and 0 carbs. i love it with rice or right out of the pack.

yesterday i found this at the Dollar Tree store in town. i almost passed it by, because i thought "croutons" for some reason. when i went back to look again, i read the ingredients "alaskan pink salmon, water, vegetable broth (with soy) and salt. "ewwww" i said. "i only like real salmon without that other stuff in it".

fortunately, when i went to the rondyvan, i took the time to look at the ingredients of my "pure" salmon, only to find the exact same ingredients! so i went back for more. with a shelf life of 01-11-11, i don't need to worry about shelf life. and the best part? it's a whole 3 oz. and only a buck! yay!

so, what, you ask, is the tunafish in the title all about? the Dollar Tree also had some foil packs of chicken of the sea tuna for a buck. there is 3 oz. in that pack also. again, a product of thailand. the tuna has less fat (1 gm) and more protein (20 mgs. as opposed to the 15 mgs. in salmon). salmon is good fat, though, right? i had a picture of the salmon but it went away through no fault of my own. really.

for those readers who shake their heads about the weird things i blog about, i'll come up with something better next time :-)


Paladin said...

Good Stuff! I use the the already cooked foil pouch tuna, salmon, and chicken too. They ride in the pack that I carry in my truck all the time, as the protein component in my emergency rations. Light, compact, and cheap - hard combo to beat.

kate said...

have you tried the chicken? the one i tried was pretty awful....i imagine there's more than one brand out there now....

Anonymous said...

I should notify my girlfriend about this.