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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Freaky friends

last night, I hung out with mike and heidi in roadie for awhile. In the middle of a sentence, a song popped into my head that I hadn't played in decades. I began to sing those verses that I could remember, which involved a lot of "lala" and "m-m" because you know how I am with lyrics.

the conversation turned to music and guitars, and mike pulled down a now songbook he just got, flipped it open and started to explain guitar tabs to me. I listened for a minute, then stopped him and said "too weird!". He had flipped open a 1,200 page book to the page containing "helplessly hoping", the song I had just been singing a few minutes before! Even Bocephus Vanmonkey got goosebumps!

I'll have to ask sweet mike, but I don't even know if he was aware that that song was in there......



Visionquest said...

I had no idea it was in there. That was just freaky! It usually takes me quite a while to find the right pages even when I do know what song I am looking for in that book. I could never just flip it to the right page like that again!


Tara said...

Katie!! How could someone be explaining guitar tabs to you when you explained them to me?! LOL