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Thursday, February 19, 2009

kayak rack part 2

last week, I posted a picture of a sprinter van with an unusual kayak rack that I parked next to in a truckstop in texas. I only got 1 photo that night, and was disappointed when the van drove off early in the morning before I could get more photos.

a couple days ago, I returned to the slabs from a trip to town, and there smack dab in the middle of camp was the sprinter van with the green kayak attached. you'd think I would cease to be surprised at the funky happenings in my life. but I was pretty blown away. the guy remembered me by the "" sticker on the side of my van. oh, and yeah, the orange kayak, too!

turns out, he and bob had met at a gathering in tuscon last year, and when he bicycled into camp here at the slabs, bob invited him to join us. he has a really cool rig, and spent a lot of time showing us the modifications he made. bob will be doing an article about it at his

I think we convinced reed to join vandwellers, and hope we'll be hooking up with him down the road.


swankiewheels said...

Katie, what I liked about his van was that he had installed a boat hatch over his bed, allowing him to climb out on the roof from his bed, or just gaze out at the stars from his bed. He had worked on boats most of his life and had the skills to do that work.

Semen Rendi said...
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