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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poor mike

this is a pic of heidi riding the electric whheelchair at the Von's supermarket after falling in a hole at the dump station. I think we're lucky she didn't fall in the sewer hole.

I'm no better. I fell off the van roof on saturday while trying to secure my kayak-turned-windsock on a desolate stretch of I-8. I have felt better, and groan a lot when I move. You'll note there are no pictures of that.

To top it off, mutt is accusing bocephus of stealing the steak in the doggie bag off the dashboard.

I think mike needs a vacation.......or a sedative.....



Mar and Bernie said...

Is Heidi hiding her face because she is ashamed she fell in that hole or because you wrote about it? LOL

kate said...

both, i'm sure. I am in trouble now cause I didn't get permission to post that pic!

Visionquest said...

She is so cute! How did I get so lucky!?

-Mike (Still making moo-eyes)

twokniveskatie said...