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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Impromptu jam at the slabs!

on our first day at the slabs, people stopped by our camp to welcome us to the neighborhood. some of the first were alan and tony, who strolled into camp with guitars over their shoulders, like legends of the desert. they chatted a bit, then treated us to an impromptu jam.

alan playing tony's ovation. i need to get a picture of alan's guitar. it is a year old, but looks like it survived WWIII. he coaxes the most amazing sounds out of it he was born with it in his hands :-)

after awhile, alan lay down in the desert and played slide guitar with a stolen cigarette lighter.

only at the slabs.


The Sundance Life said...

Okay, I give up. I think I went off to other people's blogs there for a minute and posted notes to you. I went back and deleted them because if the notes were not on your page they would make no sense to the blog owners. (sigh). I'll hope to see you on facebook as I can't seem to find an e-mail to contact you directly.

Your cousin ..

The Sundance Life said...

Yeaaa, you found me. I will be keeping an eye on your blog and in about a month will be starting mine. In the meantime I left all my contact info as a private message in your facebook mailbox.

Anonymous said...

Hey katie,did you jam with those guys?

kate said...

i jammed a bit on tony's ovation, with alan noodling on his guitar.