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Saturday, February 28, 2009

whose shoes?

we are headed back to brawley after a stay at the slabs. got to visit with tom and charlene and bob. bob and i took two hikes in the desert with the dogs, and mutt leapt with joy at his freedom, and the chance to hang out with his buddy homer. he also got to trade sniffs with Sheriff Victoria and Squirrel, but Bus Dingo was no where to be found. he is passed out on the bed in the rondyvan now, luxuriating in the relaxation a good romp in the desert can bring, and twitching with jackrabbit dreams.

i happened upon a pair of footwear in the desert, abandoned in the midst of an untold story. can you guess which pair is mine?


Anonymous said...

Bummer, no one wants to guess. :-) Ok, I say the brown pair are yours because my son has a pair of the black ones. You don't take me as the Gothic type but I've been wrong before.

Anonymous said...

It's no fun guessing if you don't find out if you are right or not. :-)

Biokitten said...

I'll go with the brown ones-- they suit Katie.

kate said...

hey TJ, you are right! I don't know my type, but it is definitely not goth!

biokitten, you are right also, but having known me all my life, it wasn't exactly a wild guess :-) I have GOT to know where "biokitten" comes from......

Biokitten said...

The kitten part is kinda one of those rather silly stories-- and may even require drawing a picture. But it eventually involved letters to a certain someone closed on the outside bearing SWAK and a little symbol meaning "Sealed with a kitten" with the picture drawn where one might have once put sealing wax to seal the envelope. (you may barf now at the cuteness).

The Bio part was a two-parter-- in joke from the karate stuff and then the more obvious reference to the biomedical research I always intended to do-- the name long predated my work at the hospital (just the research-- I did not do research on kittens!!!).