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Thursday, February 19, 2009

the new van interior!

while here at the slabs, i was fortunate to benefit from the skills and knowledge of bob wells, fellow vandweller and owner of If you click on the title of this post, it will take you there. bob has posted a more indepth article about how he did the build.
this is the frame of the bed, which he sized to fit my drawers stacked 2 high. this automatically doubles my storage space.
this is the frame before he added the shelving behind the drivers seat.
this is the completed shelving unit. i finally have a space for my 2 gal. igloo water jug, so i don't have to haul it out from under the cot and hold it in the air while i fill my nalgene. the jug holds 1 bag of ice and 1 gallon of water and keeps it cold for days.
this is the pull-out shelf for my butane stove. this alone has revolutionized vandwelling for me. with easy access to stove and water, making soup or ramen or tea is effortless. see the 2 spray bottles hanging on the bungee? one is water and one is 50/50 water and dr. bronners peppermint soap. i use these for easy clean-up of dishes, or face and hands, using paper towels.
another view of the underbed storage drawers. the small action-packer is a great little table, footstool or extra seat. i store extra food in there.
another rear shot, showing a little curtain on a rod that hides the portapottie.
home sweet home! thank-you, Bob, from the bottom of my heart. life is so much easier in my new set-up. you have my undying devotion!


Phoenix Hagar said...

boy you sure leave a charmed life everyone takes care of our little kate.

Looks real good and like mutt has more room to aggravate you in.

Bob did a real good job.

NomadRip said...

That's a great setup!

Mar and Bernie said...

Wow, that looks great, Bob is awesome. I can't wait to see it in person, so when are you gonna stalk us again?

Biokitten said...

That looks amazing Kate!

Anonymous said...

:) what a great set up!

bus dweller lindy

Julie Perry said...

Kate, looks like luxury on the road. I can't see doing it myself, but I absolutely see the appeal!

Julie T. Perry said...

Rats, I don't have a front page yet. I don't have much up yet but

The Traveler said...

love it love it love it! Bob seems like the greatest, what a terrificly amazing setup ~ will you be out in the slabs for the vandweller convention next Feb?

CaravanLife said...

I love your van setup, it looks so cozy and organized.

Scott Dagilis said...

amazing job! Do you have the direct link to more information on his website about how he did it? thanks.

hoboknitter said...

hey, scott! here is the link to Bob's article on my astro conversion. check out the rest of his site also!

Scott Dagilis said...

His site is definitely a great resource. Thanks from Qatar!