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Thursday, February 05, 2009

two loaves katie

okay, so these photos are not an indication of why i left home. and i can say, for as scary as they were, they smelled good.....

i've talked about my mechanic gary, and his wife cathy before. i went to school with both of them, back in the day. we've been friends forever, and they have always kept me in a vehicle, sometimes against all odds, despite my inherent inability to describe sounds, smells and behaviors of my vehicle with any accuracy (right, david h?).

so the cool/sad thing is that over the last year or so, cathy and i have gotten very close. cool because she was a big support to me during my cancer stuff, and i was honored to help her out during some recent surgeries. she also has new twin grandbabies that she shares very generously, thereby satisfying my ongoing need for babies to snuggle and love and smooch. the sad part is, when i am on the road, i miss her something fierce. but not her bread.

you see, cathy is about the best cook i know. i am not kidding. and bakes? oh, can she ever bake. cakes and cookies and (so she says) bread, oh my. at christmas, her daughter ange brought the babies to cathy's house for the annual cookie baking day, which just happened to be 3 days after cathy's most recent surgery. i got invited so i could help out with the babies, and because they love me, of course :-) in exchange, i got dozens of the best christmas cookies ever.

a couple weeks later, i went down to help cathy babysit again, and was excited about the fresh bread she was making to go with the stew. but as i peered expectantly into the bread machine window, i became alarmed at what i saw. cathy said "it must be the yeast" and dumped the lump into the trash. she started a new batch, but my alarm became fear when i again looked into the bread machine. cathy said " give it time, it it just needs time".

well, i made it my mission to stand guard over the bread've seen those movies where the tomatoes eat california, or something?....but i regretted not having a gun with me.

but not to worry. this lump wasn't getting big enough to be eaten, let alone eat us. the stew was good, though, as was the bread bought at the local mini market. but the best part? all the fun and love and laughs we shared. i really miss them!

(check the comments to see the reason for the change to the title of this post)


Catsymae said...

OK - So....this is something I would share with NO ONE except my BFF who of course puts it on her blog to share with the world ! Honestly Katie, it was hilarious and you and Garry certainly had a great time making fun of me and my dumb loaf of bread, all in good fun of course except the fact that had you had a gun you would have used it for a clay pigeon and had target practice with it! But then when you think about it - it wouldn't have flown very well. It sure did fill the house with a great aroma though didn't it ~
All kidding aside - whenever you decide to come back home you must let me know and I will have fresh bread (not in the dumb machine) waiting for you along with a pan of lasagna or something you would really enjoy.

Miss You ~ Our talks & the excitement you bring to everyday life.

kate said...

oh, now you've given me an idea....i won't target practice with your bread.....i'll be the first person ever in the history of the world to get their buck by bonking it on the head with a loaf of bread! save on ammo! just call me two loaves katie!!!!!