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Thursday, February 05, 2009

the open range cowboy church

on my way to austin texas last week, ron routed me north of houston to avoid the traffic. on the way i passed through a town called "cut and shoot". now, if ever there was a town i'd wanna live in just so i could say i lived there, it would be cut and shoot.
in cut and shoot is the coolest church i have ever been in. the open range cowboy church is on the main drag through cut and shoot, and when i doubled back to get a picture of the sign
pastor jessie prewitt was just pulling out of the parking lot. he turned around and came back to introduce himself, and gave me a tour of the church. that's jessie at his pulpit, and he is evidence of the kind and big hearted texans you hear so much about.

the open range cowboy church is a perfect place for folks who are uncomfortable in houses of worship that place too much emphasis on what you are wearing than on the condition of your heart.
the church bulletin lists their sunday morning gathering at 10:30 am and says "cowboy by heritage or cowboy at heart" we welcome you to open range cowboy church......
you can get baptized in a horse trough! how cool is that!
this is the first longhorn steer i have ever petted, or been licked by for that matter. he lives behind the church and is named after someone from a movie, but i have completely forgotten his name. i'm hoping jessie will email me back so i can add it later....

i lost the picture of the chuckwagon area, where they gather for coffee and donuts and such after services. they also have potlucks and cowboy breakfasts and extreme cowboy races in the fenced in area....people bring their horses to church and have (for lack of a better term, help me here jessie) mini rodeos! at the extreme race in january, they had cowboy breakfast, music, an old timey wild west shootout, a little buckaroos stick horse race, and the big buckaroos extreme cowboy race.

i'm going back someday, horse or no horse, cause i think i am a cowgirl at heart......

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Catsymae said...

WOW ! Looks like the kind of church I would enjoy attending unlike the stuffy ones we have here. By looking at the seats arranged, most of the 1158 residents of Cut & Shoot must come to service which is wonderful !! And the horse trough is cleaver, much better than a muddy river ~ Sounds like Sundays are a day of worship, fellowship and relaxation ~ something most of us have lost in our busy schedules and greedy ways. Kudos to pastor "Jesse" on a wonderful church !!